Ashlee Wiest-Laird | About

For many years I have enjoyed photography as a way to grasp, in visual images, the beauty, the joy and the suffering of the world around me.  In college I took a sociology class that sparked my interest in using the camera as a tool to interpret society.  In the time since, I have taken photos for art and pleasure and continue to find in this medium a way to reflect upon the wonders and realities of life.   I am particularly fascinated by the human face and with the intricacies of nature as expressions of the Divine Spirit.  

Vocationally, I am Pastor of the First Baptist Church in Jamaica Plain, where I serve an amazing, diverse, progressive congregation. Originally from Kentucky, I am married to Lance Laird, a comparative religion scholar, and am mom to Naim, Aidan and Mycah.  In addition to photography, I like to watch movies, travel and dance.